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A & E | Hometown Heroes
  Two local bands are hitting the big time — and it's more by accident than actual design.
A & E Art | A Gallery For All
  Shelley Falconer’s Art Gallery of Hamilton is ushering in a new era
A & E ART | A Very Big Deal
  Can a curator from Hamilton change the rules about how we use Canadian art?
A & E ART | Bigger & Bolder
  Svava Thordis Juliusson interferes, and interacts, with the world around her
A & E ART | Eye of Zidane
  What can a tattered hat and doing nothing on a soccer field teach us about greatness?
A & E ART | Graffiti for Good
  No longer a four-letter word, graffiti comes out of the alley and into a community, one wall at a time.
A & E ART | Learning To Walk
  James North’s art crawl is a phenomenon, but can it take the next step?
A & E ART | The Artist Is In
  Lisa Pijuan-Nomura can't stop creating and the city's arts scene is the better for it
A & E ART | think/haus
  Hamilton's hackerspace brings popular mechanics into the 21st century. And it's so cool.
A & E ART | True to Life
  Artists Ron Mueck and Guy Ben-Ner revel in the raw and real
A & E ART | True to Life
  Artists Ron Mueck and Guy Ben-Ner revel in the raw and real
A & E ART | Whoa Canada!
  Exploring the Great White North's artistic dark side.
A & E ARTS | Creative Muscle
  AGH’s Lukacs survey ranges from figurative to abstract and beyond
A & E MUSIC | All Hail the Unyon
  Peelin’ back the years of Hamilton’s seminal indie record label
A & E MUSIC | Believe the hype
  Hamilton's OB has the street cred, and focus, to go far in the global rap game
A & E MUSIC | Birds of a Feather
  The Ladybird Animal Sanctuary's resident rebels with a furry, and fantastic, cause
A & E MUSIC | Dynamic Duo
  Dawn and Marra are playing their hearts out, and people, lots of people, are starting to notice.
A & E MUSIC | Forever Jackie
  Local legend leaves a legacy oflove, life & laughter
A & E MUSIC | Loud and Proud
  More and more Hamiltonians are discovering the joys of singing...at the holidays and beyond.
A & E Music | Outside the (Beat) Box
  Hachey the mouthpeace is as tenacio us with his career as he is with his beats — and it’s all starting to come together.
A & E MUSIC | Raise the Roof
  Dr. Disc "Raise the Roof" Concert Series
A & E MUSIC | Revelation Rock
  Three decades after his band’s first record, Simply Saucer frontman Edgar Breau is still out there
A & E MUSIC | Riding It Out
  Ten years on, Hamilton's The Reason still has enough faith to carry on
A & E MUSIC | Rock Solid
  Iconic Songwriter Tom Wilson Is Grounded In Mountainous Creative Passion
A & E MUSIC | Sacred Fire
  Contemporary artists devote themselves to the energetic ecstasy of centuries-old Klezmer
A & E MUSIC | Speaker Tweaker
  Inside the mind (and studio LAIR) of THE MYSTERIOUS Motëm
A & E MUSIC | Two-Piece Throwdown
  Hamilton Magazine Presents BEARD's Two-Piece Throwdown. Three competitors enter one victor emerges. Saturday March 2, 2013. Casbah Lounge